More than a house, Casa Josefina is a home. 

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Our Mission.

We believe that every life is precious. Our passion and desire is to see the children that we have the privilege to care for grow, thrive, and experience a family who loves them. We believe that these children will then impact our world in amazing ways because of the love that they have experienced.


You’ve got questions,
we have answers.

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Hope for a better future.

The Casa Josefina staff lovingly cares for these children until they can be placed in adoption with stable, nurturing families. Our home places more children in families than any other home in the region. Casa Josefina is also the only home in the area that accepts abandoned newborn children. This is primarily because newborns are so expensive to care for, requiring more caregivers per child, as well as expensive formula and diapers.

We believe in the vital importance of caring for these children at the earliest and most critical stages of their development. By showing these little ones how much they are loved and wanted, we can shape their view of themselves and their future in a positive way. Your gifts to this crucial work can make a lifelong impact in the lives of these kids!